Introducing the Community Spotlight

On May 27, 2021
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Community Spotlight:

A initiative to highlight good in our community by Ross Daniels

This year I am excited to be starting a new initiative that I am calling my “Community Spotlight.” This spotlight gives me the opportunity to highlight community efforts and organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley by donating a photoshoot of my choosing each month. I wanted to put this on your radar as you will see a few of these coming to you soon. My hope in taking this on, is to give back to this wonderful community that I call home. I want to shine a light on projects in this valley that do good and make us all better.

The first to come will be from the Aspen Hope Center. They work with members of our community that are going through a crisis or suffering from mental health issues. They are currently in the process of buying their building and need our help! Keep an eye out for the next installment and please let me know if you have any ideas to further this project.


If you you have an idea for this project or want to get in touch with Ross, click here.