Congratulations to our 2020 Award Winners

On Feb 16, 2021
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The annual SSF Awards Party is the culminating event that celebrates all of our company and individual accomplishments.

ABOR Realtor of the Year: Krista Klees

Brokers Choices Award: Chris Searles

Community Engagement Award: Mike Mercatoris

Community Service Award: Theo Williams

Customer Service Award: Gerard Sonnier

Marketer of the Year: Shilo Bartlett

Rising Start Award: Ann Wilkinson

OMC of the Year: Shari Darden

Top Producer of the Year: Corey Crocker

Standards of Excellence: Rod Woelfle


RFV Top Producers by Office

Aspen: Tim Mooney

Snowmass: Chris Searles

Willits: Corey Crocker

Glenwood Springs: Anne Anderson


RFV Top Producers

  1. Corey Crocker
  2. Chris Searles
  3. Tim Mooney
  4. Rod & Sarah Woelfle
  5. Ann Abernerthy
  6. Monica Viall
  7. Catie Flemming
  8. Steve Harriage
  9. Ann Wilkinson
  10. Monica Montany
  11. Anne Anderson
  12. Taylor Burstyn
  13. Sylvia Theisen
  14. Mike Mercatoris
  15. Melissa Marcus